Album: The Rehearsal Tapes (2018)

Song: FADE OUT (rehearsal with Pimpinella)

Bitrate: 128kbps

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"The female Johnny Ramone"

Guitarist for all-girl hardcore punk band Pantychrist ( I also do my own music, which can be completely different from what I play with the band. I have a punk rock background but my style is unique, with influences ranging from psychedelic to metal to emo and all points in between.

I have a lot of incomplete songs from over the years that I would eventually like to finish. What I need most to finish these songs is a singer and drummer. I'll be posting a lot of these tracks (most of which are rehearsal recordings) in the hopes of finding collaborators to get all this stuff done.

Bands I played with: Pantychrist, Slander, The Johnnys, Fidget, The Impatiens, Trans Love Airways

My bands and projects: Emma-O, Kundalunatic, Narciscissors, Dronica, The Gloom, Pimpinella, Underwire